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Mega Dog Formula 

Two Wolves - Mega Dog Formula  is based on ingredients from our partner company Power Star Nutrition.

Two Wolves is committed to developing unique, high quality products that enhance the lives of our pets.  Our products provide higher doses of raw ingredients for the maximum effect at an affordable price. We use higher levels of green lipped mussel and MSM than most competitors products with the added extra of tumeric powder and diatomaceous earth. Humic acid is a valuable ingredient for health and wellbeing, especially digestion.

It is designed for puppies, growing dogs and older dogs.

As dogs age, they become more prone to joint problems. PREVENTION is always better than trying to correct health issues as the dog ages. This is why Mega Dog Formula is recommended for  puppies in their early stages of development.

Mega Dog Formula offers a range of ingredients that provides:

foot Omega 3 fatty acids

foot Glucosamine + Chrondroitin


foot Immune Support

footTrace Minerals

footDigestive Support

footSupport for the connective tissue, bones, tendons, cartilage and skin.


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Increased Energy Levels

Mega Dog formula boosts energy levels, enhances vitality and quality of life for your dog. Customers report that after 2-3 weeks on the formula, their dogs become bouncey and happy to see them at the end of the day. The older dogs start to play again and do things that they were only capable of as a younger dog. Happy pets makes happy owners.