Melissa Koia - March 2016

HI Rachel,  Just thought I would drop you an email about your Mega Dog Formula. I purchased some from you at Horse of the Year this year. I explained at the time that I had a Dogue De Bordeaux that was 10 months old & had an intermittent limp, the vets could find nothing wrong. I was concerned because he was so young & so big (50+kgs) already. So I started him on the Mega Dog Formula, it took less than 2 weeks & the limp was gone & he has not limped since!! WOW!! Also he has a very sensitive stomach, so I was also concerned it would upset his tummy, but no, he is fine with it!! So thank you sooooo much!! I think you have saved me loads of vet bills & also my wee Floki is sooooo happy!

Gabrielle Colley - Rosie - July 2014

Hi Rachel, thank you so much for putting Rosie on the trail of your Mega Dog Formula. It has been a great success for her - she is definately moving more freely and so much so, that she is chasing rabbits again!!! Her coat has vastly improved, she may even smell better and has trimmed down - perhaps that"s wishful thinking? I would like to keep her on it and recommend to all dog owners, who are interested in their animals well being. Rosie says "Thank you" for her new lease on life!!

Vicki Hamilton - July 2014

I want to thank Two Wolves for letting my dogs be part of the trial for the Mega Dog Formula.

I have 3 Golden Retrievers. The Mum and Dad who are nearing 13yrs and their pup who is 10 1/2. The two older dogs were really showing signs of joint stiffness setting in, having trouble getting up and down and just spending their day sleeping on the deck. I haven"t seen them play with the younger dog for a while now. The male (Flynn) had a sore in between his toes that he would continually lick even though it had previously been surgically removed. He was on medication to stop the itch. He no longer licks and it has all healed, no more meds.Hooray they really upset his stomach.


The older female (Cody) had a turn recently where she lost her balance and suffered something similar to a seizure. She was very wobbly and left with a tilted head. Since being on this Mega Dog Formula she seems to have recovered really well. She also had constant itchy ears and constant visits to the vets.  I have not seen her scratch or be bothered by these at all well being on the formula.
Our younger dog (Cassie) had sensitive skin and was prone to hot spots. She had one starting at the start of the trial and it has cleared really quickly and she seems content. I am so happy with this product the dogs are acting years younger even playing again. They smell wonderful and after their bath their coats are so soft . They lap it up when I sprinkle it on their food. I love how they all now jump up to greet me when I go out on the deck.
Thanks for another wonderful product. I will keep my dogs on this as want them to have quality of life in their older years.


Shani Renwick - Missie - July 2014

Breed: Argentine Dogo x Pit bull x Mastiff

Age: 3 years
Missie suffered an injury to her left shoulder from her father playing too rough with her when she was a young puppy which was not treated by her owner at the time. It has resulted in her elbow joint being larger and her having a permanent slight limp.
Recently she has become quite stiff in her left hip as well causing her to run intermitently on 3 legs until her joints have warmed up.
She is a very active dog and because she is still only young I want to help to keep her joints as healthy as possible.
I started Missie on the mega dog on the  29 May 2014  with 1 tsp am and 1/2 tsp pm for the first couple of days but it was a bit difficult for me to do it twice a day so I was giving her 1 1/2 tsp with her dinner at night.
She missed out getting it for a week while I was away at school camp with Liam at the end of June but didn't seem any the worse for it.
I gave Missie the last tsp of mega dog on the 18 July.
After about the first 4 weeks I noticed that she was still a little bit stiff in her joints when she first got up in the morning but once she had moved around a bit she was fine and her limp was gone and the stiffness in her left hip.
Within a week of stopping the Mega Dog Formula,  Missie started limping again and within 12 days her left hip has started getting stiff again.
I would like to keep Missie on the Mega Dog Formula as the difference is quite pronounced now that she is off it.


Katie Bothamley - Bear - July 2014

Breed: Neapolitan Mastiff

Age: 8 1/2 years

Problems: She has arthritis  as she is a large dog - 64.5 kgs. About 5 years ago she snapped a cruciate ligament and is still stiff on that leg and some days worse than others.

I have tried many products to help Bear with her arthritis. Some she was a little better but nothing like she is on this brillant supplement. She is not hobbling anymore and loves to go walking again. She is bright and happy. I also give it to my chihuahua who has a mad itch problem, his bauld patches are growing back and no more itching. This is a product I  will continue to recommend. Happy dogs and happy owner.


Debbie Lawrie - July 2014

Breed: Swedish Valhund

Age: 11 years

I have seen huge improvements with her movement. She now jumps on the bed to sleep at night. This is something she used to always do as a young dog but hasn't done for at least 3 years. She is also bouncing  around and bossing our terriers around. Her coat is softer and more shiny than normal. She has also been very well as far as digestion goes. No rumbling tummy. In general she is happier than she has been in a long time.


Shereena Rolland - July 2014

Thank you so much Rachel for adding my 2 girls to the trial. Pen had an accident as a pup but no long term damage but pushing 10 she is stiff in that leg and sometimes walks on 3 instead of 4 if its sore, this has been amazing for her after about the 4th day I saw a huge improvement in her mobility and no limping, this has now continued to improve and the difference is amazing - although if she gets in trouble she stands there drops her head and lifts the leg (cheeky girl).

Koyza (5) - snapped both cruciate ligaments jumping into the dam after hyper flexing her back legs, about 14 months ago she had both legs operated. She now has a plate in each back leg with apporx 9 screws holding them in place, I have seen an improvement with her, she is no longer stiff after sitting for any length of time also when going to the toilet her back legs used to shake now they don't, although she is a young dog I want to try and prevent joint issues for her and I feel Koyza is well on her way. Thank you so much my babies are happy, healthy and pain free

Kiri Parrish - Senka - September 2014

Breed: Husky

Age: 2-3 years

About 6 weeks ago we got this little husky from the animal shelter. The condition she'd come in to the shelter was very poor. We started her on 3 small meals a day and put her on Mega Dog Formula.
Her coat has improved and is very soft and not falling out in dead clumps like it was before. Her energy levels have increased with her conditioning. She is enjoying life and her appetite is now good. 



Amber and Dean - Septemeber 2014

Breed: Buddy: Kelpie x - 10 years old

Skip: Pomeranian x Chihuahua - 3 years old

We were lucky to be selected for the Mega Dog Formula trial. We mixed it into their dinner every night.

Buddy goes to work every day landscaping and now that he is 10 years old (70 in human years) he was starting to show his age. Stiff in the mornings, tiring easily and not as active anymore. It was sad to see our mate getting old quickly. The Mega Dog Formula worked quickly and Buddy was bouncing around like a puppy. He was straight out of bed in the morning and seemed a lot more energetic during the day.

Skip suffers from flea allergies and tends to put on weight quickly. We had lots of comments that Skip was looking trim and healthy, he also showed signs of being less irritated by his skin allergies, was alert and full of beans.

Both dogs love the Mega Dog Formula and lick their bowls clean every night. It has had an impact on both our dogs health and well-being. We have had so many positive comments on how healthy they are both looking. Thank you for including us in your programme, we highly recommend this product.


Kim Lane - Septemeber 2014

Breed:Staffie/Blue Heeler Cross - Age: 8 years

Thank you so much for putting Bella on your Mega Dog formula trial group! Having previously been seriously overweight, and having an ACL injury, Bella was having real issues with mobility over winter. We mixed it into her dinner everynight and after being on the Mega Dog formula, she is now back to chasing ducks, and can jump into the truck with ease! It has definately improved her life, she is doing her favorite thing, stealing my spot in the bed!